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Dancing With The Stars Gambling Odds Could Favor Presley

Dancing With The Stars is not the phenomenon that American Idol has become. It is, however, still extremely popular for a reality television show. The cast for the new season six has been announced, meaning gambling odds will not be far behind.


ABC has put together its typical line up of contestants for their hit reality show, Dancing With The Stars. Athlete’s, movie stars, icons, and musicians are all accounted for in the einloggen new season.


Six women and six men make up the new cast. As is what seems to be the case with most celeb. reality shows, there are some popular people, and some people who leave you scratching your head wondering who they are.


Miami Dolphins former defensive player of the year Jason Taylor is one of three athletes that are in this season’s competition. The other two are both women. Former tennis star Monica Seles, and ice skating champion Kristy Yamaguchi, are the other two.


Television and movie stars are well represented in the field. Shannon Elizabeth, who has become a regular at the poker table, has signed on. Steve Guttenberg, Cristian de la Fuente, Adam Carolla, Marissa Jaret Winoker, and Marlee Matlin, make up the actors and actresses on the show.


Penn Gillette from the comedy team Penn and Teller will compete. From the music field comes R&B singer Mario. The one to watch in the competition might be the last one mentioned. Priscilla Presley Presley will show America whether she inherited any moves from her late husband, Elvis.

The show will begin airing March 25th on ABC.

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