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Cincinnati Trying To Ride Shoulders of Kentucky Gambling Expansion

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Lawmakers have been contemplating several options for expanded gambling in Kentucky. If the gambling is approved, the city of Cincinnati is concerned it will hurt their economy.

One of the areas that could receive a casino is on the other side of the river from Cincinnati, in Kentucky. If that occurs, the people of Cincinnati are concerned that their economy will be compromised.

City Councilman Jeff Berding has come up with what he believes could be a solution to the problem. He has asked the Ohio General Assembly to allow an amendment to be put on the ballot in November. The basis of the amendment would be the state of Ohio would allow casino gambling in counties where the neighboring state has legalized gambling.

“The approval of casinos in Northern Kentucky is a direct economic threat to the city of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. The city of Cincinnati stands to lose millions of dollars in future economic development as a result of a casino across the river,” said Berding.

The new casino in Kentucky is estimated to generate a lot of money. Most of that income would come from tourism dollars of people just over the river in Cincinnati.

The chances of Berding’s proposal actually being approved is slim, but he is still pushing forward with the idea.

Atlantic City Casino Plans Look Good According To Governor

Atlantic City has been trying to make a comeback in the world of casino gambling. The current economy, however, is not cooperating. Now, the Governor of New Jersey has come out and said the city will, indeed, being moving forward with their casino projects.

Pinnacle Entertainment, which is based out of Las Vegas, had plans for a casino in Atlantic City. The company, last week, came out and said that they were considering delaying or canceling the project.

The Governor of the state is not as concerned and believes the projects will get done. In addition to the Pinnacle project, MGM Atlantic City and Revel Entertainment are also planning for casino projects.

The financing of both the Revel plan and the MGM plan appear to be solid according to Governor Jon S. Corzine. “I know quite a bit about the financing plans of MGM, they’re pretty secure. I think Revel’s pretty secure,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The city believes they are still in a position for all of the projects to move forward, and that it will once again reclaim its place as a top gambling destination.

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