The Florida Lottery has been the main gambling income for the state for many years. Casino expansion in Broward County has recently become a revenue generator.

The state and its Governor, Charlie Crist, appear ready to do whatever it takes to try and balance the budget in the state. That will now include expanding their gambling options for their Lotto game.

Up until now, people have been able to play $1 per play on the Florida Lotto. There is no limit to the amount of tickets that can be purchased, but the only option has been $1 tickets.

Starting in March, that will change. The state will be offering $2 and $3 tickets beginning March 2nd. The new tickets will allow players to try and win a bonus $10 million and $25 million in addition to whatever the main jackpot will be.

The move is to help gain more revenue from the lottery for the state. The expectation is that with the expanded Lotto options, coupled with the new casino expansion, revenue will jump to $248 million. For just the new Lotto tickets alone, an expected revenue of $105 million is hoped to be generated in the next year.

Governor Crist has been aggressive in his efforts to expand gambling in the state. He recently signed a compact with the Seminole Indians allowing them Las Vegas style slots. They also will be allowed to offer blackjack and baccarat under the agreement.

Gambling Money Funds Tribal Wellness Center in Washington

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Money from legalized gambling has gone to many good causes. Many states are funding their children’s education with gambling money. In Washington, anew wellness center has been built thanks to money generated from gambling.

The Kalispel tribe has come forward and built the $18 million Camas Center for Community Wellness on its reservation in Northeast Washington. The building is 7,700 square feet.

The center was built in hopes of getting people within the Kalispel tribe to eat right and to get into shape. It is in response to the many medical conditions that are plaguing their, and other Native American tribes.

American Indians are far worse off than other Americans when it comes to health numbers. Diabetes is 2.6 times more likely in American Indians compared to other Americans. Life expectancy is six years less, and suicide rates are twice the national average.

The Kalispel tribe is not the first to try and combat the problem. Several other tribes have already built wellness centers in hopes of educating and helping tribe members to stay healthy.

“This is for the children. They are the ones who will benefit,” said Stan Bluff, Kalispel tribal elder. The center is just one of many examples that shows just how beneficial gambling money can be in communities.